Monday, March 24, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Drinky drinky......

....while ridey ridey......

Ventured to the Riverside Tavern for a few. Thought I'd ride so I would drink less. Poor logic. Got a nice pic on the way home though.......

Nathan St Bridge.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

How quickly we forget.....

.....but luckily technology is there to remind us.

These photos are the only reminder of what transpired on Friday night, my mind is clear.

If I think really hard in chronological order we went to The Riverside Tavern, Flyns, The Mad Cow, The Heritage, The Exchange and The Consortium. Thankfully lock out takes hold after three so it was home by five. I remember hanging out with a Columbian, a French, a Canadian and lots of green people (early St Pat's Day celebration I assume).

Introducing Tim 'Dare me to speak to any girl and I will' McDrunkard (not his real name).

Pizza vendor.

The floor at the Heritage.

Random ice queens.

A squinty drunk guy and a regular drunk guy.

Macca's = disgusting taste in your mouth when you wake up.

The end.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Ruth against the world.

The name Ruth brings tears to my eyes. Whenever I'm around her I'm in pain.

You see Ruth is my masseuse (doesn't that sound impressive?), she gives me the sports (therapeutic) massages that keep me supple and in shape for racing. And jesus do they hurt!!!

She is also one of my training partners. We'll meet up out the front of Toys'R'Us at 5 am to do hill circuits before I go to work. When I started training with her I had a look on Probikekit for a new cassette, a 25 tooth for the rear just to help me get up the hills. Then I found out that Ruth trains in the 17 sprocket, up ALL of the hills. After a few weeks I have developed enough strength to do the same......but......not actually at the same speed as her (it's just between you and me that I get beaten up 18 hills by a GIRL before work a couple of times a week).

So you get the picture. She hurts me, a lot. And I'm sure she enjoys it.

She headed off to the nationals a few weeks ago and came 4th. Very impressive. But last weeks result at the Tour of New Zealand was the real standout. A world class field, UCI points race. She was forced to try and find a team to race for after not being selected for the Aussie team. She found one, then raced her arse off.

She certainly showed the Aussies, and the rest of the world, what she can do. 6th overall. Pretty impressive for a country girl who works for a living and pays her own way!!!

Not surprisingly she now has a few teams looking to sign her.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ghost towns.

Headed out on a training ride on Saturday morning. Fifty kilometres from home, half way to Charters Towers, was this old disused petrol station. What a fantastic and mysterious place.