Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Adelaide.....

More goings on in Adelaide. Seems to be an endeless procession of dinners, drinks, rides and traffic.......bloody traffic!!!!!

The Torrens River looking out to see just near Henley on a fine day.

The T-bar is where Rach and I get our favourite breakfasts from, and some great tea. Located at the old Adelaide Central Markets.

Rach has been busy decorating, I love the huge clock.

The Adelaide Museum.

Henley jetty before a night out at the Bacchus Bar with my bro and Rach.

The trusted fixie with an Adelaidian backdrop on a sunny day this time.

A great Australian backyard is never complete without the Hill Hoist.

And Dave has gone a step further with an inflatable swimming pool, pity he can't actually row anywhere....

And finally Dave's dog Britney posing and playing.....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Adelaide so far....

Just some random pics from my Adelaide trip so far.

The old paddle boats on the Torrens.

A couple of afternoon beers at the Seacliff Pub.

Rach relaxing.

Lots of afternoon strolls at the beach.

Lots from Glenelg.

A ride to the city along the forshore then the Torrens. A good ride.

And two less Commodores on the streets, that's good news for everyone.

Leaving the 'ville.

It was with a certain level of elation that I said farewell to Townsville. The bogans, rednecks, obnoxious drivers, same old rides and outrageous humidity had all gotten to me.

The house was packed up by two redneck bogans who showed as much respect for my belongings as I would for their over-weight, smoking and unemployed spouses. Half of my stuff should make it to my new destination unscathed………

On Tuesday I packed two bikes (one more than when I travel by air) and entered my climate-controlled capsule to head south for the holidays. The plan was to fit as many mountain trails as possible into my trip. This plan lasted the first contact, Rockhampton.

Rockhampton is the worst cycling city I have ever had the displeasure of visiting. Let’s see, there’s the cycle paths that do not allow cycles, the bike shops that refuse to give out information on local trails (or just plain don’t know) and the homicidal traffic. All of this was experienced in less than two hours.

Traffic was the big one for me, within one hour I had nearly been killed twice – Once by a tradie towing a trailer who decided to speed up and enter a roundabout with me (he was kind enough to look in his re-vision mirror to check whether or not he had killed me). He was less than impressed when I stopped at the lights 50m up the road and took a nice portrait photo of him in his companies ute. The second incident involved a 4wd mounting a foot high gutter to get around traffic. The problem was that I was JRA in the bike lane (clearly divided from the road by a foot high gutter) when he decided to do so. Needless to say, I let go at him and his girlfriend, they weren’t willing to wind down their windows and have a chat to a redfaced, shaking and soon to be violent cyclist; the driver’s final reaction was predictable – stuck his finger up at me and sped off as I reached for my camera. I have my ways of finding people in highly upspec’d Defender 110 Tdi’s, a very unique car his was……I’m thinkin’ he belongs to the local club?!?!?!

No accommodation was available in Brisbane so I took the b-line for Canberra the next day, made Dubbo by bed-time and continued the next 400km the next morning. Checked out my new house in Canberra (moving in in Jan) and found accommodation to be lacking once again as a result of a sporting carnival of some sort. It was 1pm and Adelaide was 1200km away but it was an easy decision to make a run for it. I arrived at one thirty in the morning and was officially on holidays!!!!!!

It was a great three days - 3600km and an average of 5.8L/100km in the Focus (at 105-115km/h).

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thompson the bat.

It was Jen's Birthday drinks tonight at her and Clwedd's new digs. Great to catch up and we had a special guest join us for a few.

Meet Thompson the baby fruit bat. He was orphaned and is now looked after by one of Jen's colleagues.

I've had my rabies injection so I was lucky enough to be allowed to hold him.

He was a pretty chilled out little dude.

Until he got upside down, then he was all about drinking and screeching!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

White Industries.

A package arrived in the mail today. Part of a secret weapon in development. Stay tuned.

Goth Photo Shoot.

Last week Zak Sherwood (involved in this trip) came to town from Darwin and lined up a photo shoot for the Wednesday night. The venue was at the West End Cemetery, the most historic in town, and the client was a young lady who like to dress as a goth.

We were lucky to get good weather as it was threatening rain, but the cloud cover provided some even light and a bit of colour.

I was along to learn from an experienced photographer and to lend a hand both physically (holding reflectors/directing strobes etc.) and creatively.

It was a real eye opener for me. Mostly to do with what it is like to deal with a model, but also in the fact that I have only just picked up some strobes and now can't wait to get popping!!!!

Do yourself a favour and check out Zak's website.