Thursday, July 26, 2007


Just bling'd up my commuter and now i can't help but call it MR T. After all, he wears gold chain doesn't he?

I rely on this bike more than any other, and it's built of parts I found in the garage, but i wouldn't change a thing now that it's got 29 inch wheels and I've found the perfect magic ratio.

I bought this baby in 2001, back when i was into big suspension and downhills. It was my hardtail to ride XC, even though I would often lower the seat and get some air. With gears, disc brakes and the first round of tubeless tyres this was such a great bike. Here's a pick of it in its former glory.

Big wheels, CX tyres, adjustable travel forks and a 38x16 SS drivetrain make commuting so much more fun than it should be.