Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Adelaide.....

More goings on in Adelaide. Seems to be an endeless procession of dinners, drinks, rides and traffic.......bloody traffic!!!!!

The Torrens River looking out to see just near Henley on a fine day.

The T-bar is where Rach and I get our favourite breakfasts from, and some great tea. Located at the old Adelaide Central Markets.

Rach has been busy decorating, I love the huge clock.

The Adelaide Museum.

Henley jetty before a night out at the Bacchus Bar with my bro and Rach.

The trusted fixie with an Adelaidian backdrop on a sunny day this time.

A great Australian backyard is never complete without the Hill Hoist.

And Dave has gone a step further with an inflatable swimming pool, pity he can't actually row anywhere....

And finally Dave's dog Britney posing and playing.....