Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Diary entry: Hit by a car today.

Yes. Today I was hit by a car. A very overweight lady in a buzzbox decided to erratically turn left without indicating. She hit me with her rear passenger door throwing me onto the pavement. HOLY SHIT it hurt!!
So what was the score?
Me - twisted and grazed ankle, bruised and grazed thigh (impacted a join in the cement), corked right arse cheek. Pretty good considering.
Bike - slightly scratched Campagnolo Centaur brake lever. AND THAT'S IT!!! Indestructible.
Car - only a very slight dent and mark. A bit disappointing really.
Fat Lady - Very apologetic. But it's so easy to apologise after you nearly kill or maim someone. Hope she learned something...........unlikely.

So I got to thinking about my disdain and lack of respect for car drivers and large people. Was it Karma getting me back?

Oh well, hope my leg is better by the time the Anaconda Enduro starts on Monday.