Friday, July 4, 2008

Melbourne and the Casino Royale.

Headed up to Melbourne to catch up with the guys.

And what better way to start a night than with some eel filets and warm Sake?

Then some veeery nice beer at a place that has shunned the concept of shelves in favour of ocky straps.

A HUGE night was had by myself and Tom, so it was a Saturday afternoon ride for me. I was smart enough to pike on the morning ride, unlike Tom, who had a less than enjoyable experience.

Then Saturday night it was Casino Royal at Victoria Barracks O's Mess.

A quick google search for tie tying instructions and we were on our way.

Langers looking thoughtful and poker faced, although Kat takes the prise on being the most poker faced, or is that bored?

And Tomas doing the hard yards on a single mum!!!

All cashed up!!!

Steenkin' smokers!!!

Too many Black Russians with fresh cream and everything became lop-sided, blurry and light sensitive...

And Tom turned into a super hero (powers yet to be determined).

Everything shuts early in Melbourne so it was Hungry Jacks and drunken roaming 'til a taxi found us and delivered us home to Richmond.

Then it was a train back to Albury. All in all a very successful weekend, requiring substantial rehabilitation.