Thursday, August 28, 2008

My new Focus TDCI.

I recently decided to say goodbye to the faithful Rover and after much research and deliberation picked up a new Ford Focus TDCI (Turbo Diesel Commonrail Injection).

I was originally fixed on buying a Volkswagen Golf, but surprisingly, after taking a couple for test drives I lost all interest. The Ford was always an option (although at the bottom of my priority list after the Peugeot 207) but after seeing so many of them in Scandinavia hauling bikes and sports equipment through the mountains I thought I'd better give one a test drive.

To put it simply, I knew it was the car for me the second I sat in the driver's seat. From then on it just got better and better.
The interior was better than the VW, the handling was a lot better than the VW (although I'm sure the Golf GTi would show it a thing or two) and in my opinion it looked a lot sportier. Power was on par but the short shifting manual six speed really sold me.
So I agreed to buy it during the test drive and three days later it was in the driveway.

We took it up to Paluma on Saturday and it sat in 3rd gear the whole way, 320nm of torque (60nm less than the Falcon V8) at 2300rpm means it just keeps on pulling. And 5-6 litres of diesel for 100km!!!

Anyway, enough bragging. It's awesome; although I'm not too impressed that on the odd occasion I have been known to lower myself to dragging off V8s, it's just the sleeper appearance really surprises the local bogans!!!

(Oh and most importantly, a bike fits easily in the back without disassembly; and the Thule roof racks are on their way.