Saturday, September 27, 2008

The circle of life.

The Retard has served me well since it's inception last year. $10 for the frame, some elbow grease and a bit of imagination; it has survived hundreds of kilometres of riding (with some late night inebriated stair jumps and craziness thrown in).

However; it was a sad day last week when I was sitting in my office and saw a grease mark on the head tube. I wiped it off to find that it was in fact emanating from inside the head tube, it had cracked clean through!

On the brighter side of life, it couldn't have happened at a more opportune time; with the Wilier in need of a new purpose after it's role as training roadie had been taken from it.

Luckily it possesses a longer than usual rear drop-out, extending forward on a 45 degree angle and allowing chain tension to be adjusted. She rides like a dream and weighs practically nothing.

.....and so is the circle of life.

Frame: Wilier Triestina, Carbon Forks.
Wheels: Velocity Deep V rims laced to Velocity track rear hub and MTB Disc front hub.
Cranks: Campagnolo Centaur, 39t ring.
Cog: Dura Ace 14t. (73 gear inches).
Seat Post: Campag Record Titanium.
Bars: Truvativ Team risers.
Saddle: WTB Laser V.
Tyres: Michelin Lithion.
Brakes: Legs like steel springs.