Sunday, November 9, 2008

Townsville Cup On Wheels.

As well as the criterium this weekend, the Townsville Cup On Wheels took place. Again it felt great to be able to watch instead of race, but at the end of the day it really made wish I was on the banked track. Here's some pics, in no specific order.

Paul Craft was up from down south to commentate again, a brilliant and entertaining job as usual. On Friday night we were lucky enough to have the pros turn up prior to their crit the next day. I was astonished at how small they all were, Robbie was even shorter than me!!!

And Sara Carrigan raced.

Track carnivals seem to be a never ending cycle of warm-ups, racing and resting.

Simon turned up looking worse for wear. A fractured C4 vertebrae, 14 stitches and numerous cuts and abrasions. The result of a cowardly hit and run on the Tuesday bunch ride. Gotta love bogans in the ville.

The only full contact form of cycling.

Some classic faces.

It was a great weekend of racing.