Monday, July 27, 2009

Skiing Thredbo and Perisher.

Tim, Mike, Langers and I headed up to the snowies for a quick skiing weekend. Although the 'two bedroom villa' I booked turned out to be a bit less than was to be expected for $215 a night, we weren't too fussed as we were just keen to get out on the slopes the next day.

They say your skiis say something about you, guess which ones are Tim's.

So we packed ourselves into Langers' car for the short trip from Jindabyne to Thredbo.

The first glimpse of the snow wasn't far away.

Literally a couple of hundred metre walk from the car and we were on the slopes.

I spent a good portion of the morning falling over and accidentally attempting Blue runs, having not skied for eight years this left me a little, VERY sore and a little bit disgruntled.

So we breaked for a short mornos before Langers took me under his wing for a some pointers on how to actually ski.

Before I knew it I was having a ball and it was time for some Lowenbrau.

After the days skiing we stopped over at Wild-brumby Schnapps distillery for some beer, coffee and schnapps tasting. I ended up with a bottle of my favourite sour apple variety and also a chilli flavour called Devils-tongue. Can't wait to get into them.

On arrival back in Jindabyne we quickly headed into town for dinner and some beers at Clancy's. Dave and Mattis rocked up and the night went a bit longer than planned for me and Mike until we called Langers to come pick us up, there was a distinct lack of taxis. The next morning was a bit rough for me at least.

The weather for Sunday was predicted to be a bit less pleasant than the blue skies of Saturday so we headed to Perisher to try our luck on their slopes.

Mike, Tim, Me and Dave's chosen forms of transport on the slopes.

It was a great mountain, with a bit more traversing for us to endure but well worth the work.

Snowboarders are funny, they can't stand still and are often found clinging to trees on the top of mountains.

It ended up being a great weekend and I'll definitely be back before the season is out.

A massive thanks to Tim for the photos.