Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tactics of the road war

Why is it that the sensible looking ones more often try to kill you? A brilliant tactic or just plain arrogance?

Last night on the way home from work a sensible looking older lady (of above average weight) driving a sensible looking car, decided she would try to kill me, twice. Initially she didn’t want me to turn right at an intersection before her, so despite my indication she sped up, only to heavily apply her brakes at the intersection, if I hadn’t double checked where she was she would have cleaned me up. So I calmly went around and through the intersection in front of her, as there was ample room between traffic for a cyclist. She was so unimpressed that she then cut off two cars, who honked and yelled at her, so that she could over take me yet again, only to apply her brakes at the next intersection. I once again over took her and, stupidly I know, abused her. She refused to look in my direction even though I was at her window. I was a good three hundred metres up the road before she had the chance to overtake again and, mustering all her strength from inside her speeding glass and steel cage, showed ME the finger. Maybe she was pissed that I was taking her photo!! The ‘ville is a small town so I’m sure I’ll meet her again.

Reminds me of another incident a while back where a middle aged and sensible looking older man (of above average weight) decided I was riding too close to the white line IN the cycle lane on an EMPTY back-road. Lots of yelling, speeding, tyre screeching, revving of his engine and blocking manoeuvres later, I still had the chance to have a chat to him at a set of lights four kilometres up the road. Same story, wouldn’t acknowledge my existence from behind his closed window, until the light turned green and he had a chance to escape in his cage. Then up went the finger at ME.

I always think of witty things to say afterward, but you can’t say much through a pane of glass. They must feel like they own the world, perched on their fat arses inside their bubble. Maybe if these guys rode bikes they’d be in better shape physically and, more importantly, mentally. After all, cars are the ones that hold up traffic.