Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Peaks

I have deduced that it's some kind of over-use injury resulting from riding a bike for a large protion of 24 hours last weekend. My shoulder is pretty much useless, so much so that I definately cannot ride, and the overnight hike myself and Clwedd were going to do this weekend (up Mt Elliot) had to be postponed. So instead we headed to Paleranda to do the Peaks walk (Mt Marlow). Here's a pictorial summary.

So, why is the walk called 'The Peaks'?

Clwedd navigating the jungle and rocks.



Falling vines.

Single track - but no bikes up here.



The city is so close, but i wonder how many T'villians know about this place?!?!?!

And of course, all followed by brunch and coffee at the C-bar on the Strand and a trip to the dump shop looking for bike bits to recycle. No bike bits, but lots of mowers!