Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Pug.

Yes I went and bought another bike. But this one oozes with pure old school style!

A bit more expensive than the Lady, $150 with a full build of Suntour Cyclone and various other parts.

I didn't see much point in rebuilding the bike with the Cyclone gear as it wasn't in the best condition and wouldn't really serve a purpose as an unreliable geared bike. So a fixie it became, but with a difference - a brake and toe clips, for relaxed duties.

The frame is Tange double butted CrMo tubing and the model seems to be something along the lines of Classique or Prestige - well that's what's written on it!!

Looks like it hasn't ventured far from it's original seller. Who knows who Easgate Cycles and Harware was, but the old 7 digit Canberra number indicates it's a local.

And it even comes with subtitles if you can't speak French!

She rides like an absolute dream and may step up to heavier duties one day, but at the moment I just have to sit back and admire..........(sigh).

p.s. there's nothing wrong with my camera, just thought I'd give the photos a bit of an eighties feeling and fade the colours back. Enjoy.