Monday, March 9, 2009

Fridge to Fridge.

The 'Fridge to Fridge' concept has been around for quite a while - the basic idea of conveying oneself by bicycle from one house to another fueled by alcohol alone. This one had the added them of dressing up as someone/thing you wanted to be as a child. Luckily for me I always envied the bike couriers I saw flying through the city. So the fact that I always dress as a bike courier was an added bonus.

We started off at the married patch at Duntroon, quiet a few G&Ts were demolished before departure.

For those of you wondering if God can get air, all your questions are answered.

We saw the sites of Canberra as we traveled, maybe we could market the concept.

Arriving at house two, quickly the games started.

There were races.....

......and coordination challenges.....punishable by sculling.

Then God preached to us, as He does, before we headed to the next house.

This picture depicts the horrors of a bicycle crash. Don't scuba, drink and ride!

Pepps brought Bruce along. He did well to keep up until he suffered a blister on his right hand, poor bugger.

House three was a surprise visit, we emptied the fridge of all there was.

But perhaps the most terrifying sight of the day was this doll, belonging to the host's daughter!!!!!! Danger!!!!

Then God got more air.

House four was where the cake eating was to take place. Each team had to devour a pie , using no hands. The hardest part was breathing through the copious amounts of cream....has anyone ever drowned in cream?

Roesey adopted his usual post game change room stance.

Then we headed to the lake for the next stop, unfortunately James' bike was well and truly DOA.

So he returned to his natural environment.

We headed to Parliament House, via the bridge and up the ramp, for a photo.

The bike fuzz were quite happy for the photos to be taken as long as we had no banner!! I've never seen them so receptive... This is what it looked like to have your photo taken by God.

We ventured east for one of the last stops.

It was a tight squeeze, but we made it.

The last stop was at God's house, interpret that as you will. There were more games, some involving very very small tricycles and donuts. Then we began to settle into some more serious beverages for the remainder of the night.

All in all a great day out involving bikes, as usual!!!