Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sydney Drinkfest

Headed to Sydney for work last week and began a long weekend of drinking at the Wine and Meat Company on Darling Harbour.

The food and company was great.

Then on Friday it was time to catch up with Tim and Mike and crash at their place for the rest of the weekend.

We started off at The Oaks for a few drinks.......

.....before Tim had to clean the house for Fran's arrival the next day.

The rest of us relaxed outside over some G&Ts.....amongst other things.

Mike and I awoke before lunch the next day and headed to the Kirribilli Markets.

Mike found some limes that became the chief ingredient for some scrumptious Mojitos that night.

Then we headed to Terrigal Beach for a chill out in preparation for the night.

The weather was 100% perfect along with the water temperature.

We arrived home in the evening ready for a BBQ and some drinks. First off the rank were Mike's Mojitos (Good name for a bar?!?!?!)

Then Tim's Flaming Absynth!

We headed to the Golden Sheaf briefly.

Then, back at Darling Harbour, we visited The Loft. Truly stunning.

Tim had an inside line on the bar staff for some express Baghdad Ice Teas.

It was soon time to retire, but no night is complete without 4am long jump!!!

It was a great weekend, so much so that I think Sydney is actually growing on me.

Now where's that rehab brochure??