Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fixie Ride - Old Fed Hwy/Sutton

I felt like a long ride on the fixie this weekend and thought I'd see if anyone on might be interested. It was a 5 degree morning and ended up with four of us heading out along the Federal Hwy, before leaving the traffic for the Old Federal Hwy. Then out to Sutton and home. A shortish ride of only 60-70km but perfect for the fixies, no hills too big and barely any traffic.

We returned to town and had the best breakfast ever at Spill The Beans in Dickson. This cafe is now officially my favourite, great food and great service (free beverages of our choice because they were a bit slow on our breakfasts!!!!). My only gripe was that my breakfast (the French toast with banana, strawberries, syrup and bacon) was a tad too big and the two 'bowls' of cappacino I had will keep me awake for three and a half days.

Do you think Damian looks a bit cold???

And can anyone spot the resemblance???

Later on in the day I thought I'd visit Fruitilicious (my favourite smallgoods shop) for some sauerkraut I needed for an extra special crock pot feast I am developing; I saw this parked out the front.

That's a 60t front ring with a 19t rear. Yes, that is 83 gear inches! And some weird form of TT handlebars with an upside down brake lever. Hmmmmm, I want to see the quads on this person......