Monday, June 8, 2009

Canberra Tweed Ride.

Every now and then someone comes up with a brilliant idea, most of these ideas have bikes and alcohol involved. On Saturday I was lucky enough to be involved in one, The Canberra Tweed Ride.

As the poster suggests, we met up at Gorman House for a coffee and a few minutes of admiring each others bikes. There certainly was a good mix; all unique, some rare, some rescued from the dump and some cobbled together out of old parts.

While some were just proud Monarchists.....

We headed out through the streets of Canberra, there were some astounded looks and lots of smiles.

It wasn't long before our first stop for a mechanical. There certainly wasn't any hurry as it takes a while to smoke a pipe.

We soon arrived at Olims, where Steve had organised a presentation to the best dressed gentleman.

I'm not sure if Olims has seen this much tweed since it's establishment sixty years ago.

We hit the streets again on our way to The Front in Lyneham.

We owned the road.

Steve was happy to see some local art on the walls.

The award was also made to the best bike of the day, A ninteen thirties no-name rescued from a dumpster. (Seen in the photo five up).

The mean streets of Canberra dealt a harsh blow when Lainey was punched in the face by a passing bogan. Completely unprovoked and spineless, the man waited till the last person before he took action; obviously too scared to take the brunt of the Tweed wearing men in the bunch. Maybe she should have been wearing her Roler Derby getup, he would have thought twice then. Luckily she was carrying an emergency beverage and a rest was had before moving on.

We settled into the Phoenix after being rudely treated at the Wig & Pen by a bogan staff member, such a disappointment; maybe the local bogan sporting team had lost some kind of local bogan sporting competition and all the bogans were angry that day?!?!?

The female fashion award was judged and much merriment was had by all before the gentlemen and ladies started fading away like ghosts of a far simpler time.......

......I didn't fade away til three in the morning. Had to escort Lainey home on her bike (didn't want her to see the unsightly underbelly of Canberra again that day), crashed once and was so cold by the time I reached my house that I could not use my fingers to turn the key in the door. Do they make winter weight tweed gloves????

Thanks need to go to Steve, John (Mr RiotAct below) and everyone else that made the day fantastic.