Monday, June 22, 2009

Rocket Fuel.

Everyone knows that it's not hard to twist my arm and make me buy some random bike related item; whether it be fashion, bling or air tickets. The other day as I was 'studying' and came across a cool little site selling hand made hats made of recycled fabrics and almost exclusively individual or limited production designs. Rocket Fuel.

So I bought post saw it in my hot little hands within a business day.

So how does it work? Really well. It was a crisp day in Canberra as usual and I decided to 'study' all day by sleeping in, jumping on a fixie, breakfasting at Cafe Essen, buying some nice wool pants, picking up an ebay purchased vintage Campag shifter and just ambling around the bike paths of the Capital. The hat kept my head warm, was comfy and looked better at a cafe than my racing striped cotton cycling caps.

I really like the hat and can see my self wearing it a lot, even when not on a tredly.