Sunday, May 6, 2007

Depressed monkey

Today was a big day for my Karate Monkey. The other day I noticed that more and more things on it were becoming blue. Since I replaced the perfectly functioning FSA headset with a much nicer blue Chris King headset, the entire theme of the bike went from multi coloured anodised bits, to blue anodised bits. So, in a fit of fashion conciousness, I replaced the cranks and chainring with the Middleburn set which sport nice blue bolts.
I put the new Egg-beaters on that have a blue spring as apposed to silver. The Salsa Rasta coloured skewers had to go and on went the blue Hopes. Then all that was left to do was liven up the bars by wrapping them in some blue bar tape. I suppose now i need to find a blue seat post collar.