Sunday, May 27, 2007

Four seasons in one day

Autumn. Packed the bike into the car at 7am and headed down the highway, it was cool enough not to have to open my car window for the breeze.

Winter. Arrived at Paluma dam, up in the clouds, just before 9am. It was cool enough that I had to sit in the back of the Rover to stay warm while I waited for the others to arrive and finish stuffing around. We headed off into the rain forest and a fine mist started to fall, felt like I was in Victoria again.

Spring. As we started to descend in to the valley we started to warm up and so did the weather. The ferns turned to bushes, the rainforest turned to scrub and the moist mulch turned to dust and sand.

Summer. Thirty kilometres of 4wd roads and singletrack brought us to a crystal clear stream flowing into a water hole. Stopping for a snack we shared the cool water with the turtles and enjoyed the rest and sunshine before the imminent climb back out of the valley.

Ascending, once again we could feel the changes in temperature until we were back at the cars and back in the cool wintery climate at the top of the range.

Back home in the late afternoon and just in time to head to the local for a few. It’s a small and constantly amazing world.