Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Killing MySpace

The other day I decided to cut my ties with MySpace and let my page run free; I wont check on it anymore, wont feed it new info or change it's background. It will be free to thrive on comments, hits and messages; getting larger and larger until one day it will be destroyed by an automated system that will detect the fact that its owner no longer loves it. I was pretty sick of a few things, here's just a few:
1. The people who exist on MySpace to portray an image that they can’t back up in real life. I’m pretty sure most real gansters don’t give a crap about whether or not someone has left a comment on their MySpace site and a ‘hit’ probably means something completely different in their world.
2. I’m more of a get on the internet, do my business, get off and go do something else with my time type person. For that reason, browsing and searching aimlessly doesn’t usually work (except for nice new woollen jersey or some beautiful leather bar tape).
3. Many, many, many (but not all) of the people on there are weird and slightly scary to me. The latest was a girl called Rennie who lived far too close to me and wanted to know how my night was going when I was by chance at home alone!!!
4. If something makes me feel slightly embarrassed to admit to, then I probably shouldn’t be doing it. Admitting I have a MySpace page was equivalent to my admission that I watch Ugly Betty.
5. I don’t understand the concept of getting an email telling me to check my messages, only to have to then log in, click, click, click, click and click and then find what strangely resembles an e-mail anyway lodged deep in the bowels of MySpace.
Don’t get me wrong, some aspects are worthwhile and some of my good friends find it a great tool to meet people and keep in touch, I think that's great, but I prefer to ride my bike somewhere and meet people when I get there, the same thing really, might call it MyRide. Do gangsters ride bikes?