Saturday, November 24, 2007

Reply to an open letter.

Last night, in a dream, God replied to my letter. We were both riding cyclocross bikes on some heavenly single track somewhere in the mountains of British Columbia. He was riding this.

(Being God has it's advantages. He skipped the four year waiting period for a custom Vanilla frame)

He gave me a Vanilla Speedvagen to ride.

As he flew down a section of windy trail followed by a long sweeping climb he explained to me that he did actually mock me for a reason. He feels that my new obsession with fixed gear bikes is healthy, but fixies with no brakes what so ever is just stupid. He admitted that fixed gear bikes are a fantastic way to get around, fun, simple and different; but relying on skid-stopping is a receipe for disaster, trouble from which he can't even protect me. Car doors opened onto bike lanes, utes and Commodores driven by bogans, and soccer mums in 4WDs are all creations of the devil himself, things over which a mere Cycling God has no control.

He had a point. So my new bubblegum pink Velocity track wheels will be built with a disc front hub. Just to keep Him happy. And he didn't let me keep the Speedvagen.....