Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ridin' in the rain.

As a result of poor planning on someone else's part I decided to take an early mark from work and venture out in the rain to check out the dam. Unfortunately it wasn't overflowing so there were no photo opportunities to be had. Instead, I focused on the some scenery and the Retard.

Harveys Range.

On the river bank.

On the dam wall!!

A bit of cyclocross on the forest paths along the river. Good fun while you're moving but not when you need to stop in a hurry!

You may notice something different about this photograph:

Yes, the handlebars are not perpendicular to the direction of the front wheel and the right hand pedal does seem to be buried in the mud. This is what happens when you are riding along blissfully and you notice that the cement path is a beautiful GREEN colour, but before your brain realises that green paths are very slippery, you begin to hear the sound of metal and skin sliding along cement for approximately five meters. Ouch! Lucky there's nothing on the bike to break!! And skin grows back!!