Sunday, February 3, 2008


Just downloaded a trial version of Photomatix. A program that allows you to combine multiple images of different exposures to create one image of more detail, or what is called a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo. I could spew forth a pile of technical jargon but I'll let the pictures explain it for themselves.

The first photo is taken using the best exposure possible to get the greatest amount of information. The sky is too bright and the objects are too dark but it's a good compromise.

The second is taken with a shorter exposure. The sky is great but you can't see any boats or land.

And the final image is taken with a longer exposure, capturing the boats really well but the sky is blown out.

Combining the photos together and conducting some 'tone mapping' with Photomatix and this is what you get. Pretty cool for a first go.

And another one.

Once I pay for the key I'll be able to get rid of the watermarks created by the trial version. Happy days.