Saturday, February 23, 2008


It's been blue skies for the last few days so I thought I'd head out to Stuart for a ride this morning. Bad idea. Even though the trail was beautiful two weeks ago, it's now terrible. Where it's not washed out and rocky, it's muddy and boggy. The rocks uncovered by the washed away soil are hidden by the overgrown weeds like boobie traps. But that's not the worst part, the worst part is the type of soil. I've been using eggbeater pedals for the last seven years and never had the slightest issue with mud shedding, until this morning. The soil is made of large and coarse sand that actually sticks to everything it touches. It crunches and grinds through your drivetrain and clogs up your pedals. After 20 minutes of riding and several offs, I decided to spare my drivetrain and my soggy sanity. On the way out I thought I'd better bathe the bike to rid it of the evil soil prior to the ride home.

So the ride turned into an exploration of the weirs along the Ross River.


A view I rarely see, the weir, looking back at the Riverview Pub.

And some before and after pics from the rain a month or so ago.