Friday, January 18, 2008

Big loads.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how easy it actually is (in most circumstances) to ride everywhere and use public transport, using a car only for recreation on weekends and the occasional carriage of large objects or groceries (not stealing furniture on hard rubbish day Rachael). This also got me thinking as to whether the inevitable increase in fuel costs will eventually see every day people riding 500 meters to the local shops or video store instead of driving, I hope so. (Remember when there were corner stores on every corner? Why don't they exist any more? Because people drive to malls instead).

I think I'm doing pretty well riding EVERYWHERE on my fixie and carting stuff around on my back, although I certainly looked like the Hunchback Of Notre Dame on the way back from the post office the other day, my Chrome Mini Metro bulging at the seams. I even caught the bus to town on Saturday night. It's come to the point where I actually feel guilty all day if I drive to work or use my car to go shopping, but sometimes I have no choice, a weekly grocery trip means six or seven green bags. Then I came across this at a local bike shop.

The Kona Ute is a sign that the world is changing. When you see a huge bike company take an idea like this and run with it, you know attitudes are changing, even if only a little bit. Big companies don't take risks so they obviously know that they will sell enough of these to make it worthwhile. How great is that!!

I want one!! Now to justify another bike in the stable, and convince Elroy to ride on the back.