Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The one legged man.

Had a funny day yesterday. As the day went on my usual cynicism with society increased as a result of inflamatory anti-cyclist articles such as this; and stupid, fat and lazy auto-commuters holding me up on the way home. It all started getting me down so I went for a ride.

On my second descent of Castle Hill I noticed an old man riding upward on a mtb/hybrid. He was progressing very slowly and although I thought he had bitten off more than he could chew (and perhaps shouldn't have attempted the hill) I nodded hello and he nodded back. I turned around at the bottom and started up again, soon I caught him in my view ahead. He was still struggling, looking awkward on the bike and going quite slowly.

Then, to my amazement, I realised what he was doing. This was a man who had overcome a huge hurdle in his life and was now out on a hot and humid day making the most of what he has. He wasn't sitting in front of a TV or driving a car, like most people in his circumstances were. He had discovered that even without a leg, life keeps on keeping on.

I slowed down as I passed and said hello. Most two legged people will give you a bit of a grunt and comment on how hard the climb is. No-one is ever as happy as he was to say hello and comment on the breeze.

I reached the top and headed down again, passed him, nodding again. I reach the bottom and decided on one more climb. He passed me on his way down, wind blowing through his grey hair, huge smile on his face and yelling in his European accent "OYOYOYOOOOY!!!!!!!".

The rest of my day was great!!!