Monday, January 7, 2008

Holidays are over.

I'm sitting at Brisbane airport on my way back to the 'ville. The holidays are over and tomorrow it's back to the grind stone. A sign of a good holiday is when it feels longer than it was, and it feels like I was away for months. Time well spent I say.

Here are some images from the last few days.

Tim and Chloe demonstrating responsible driving through teamwork.

Langers arrived on Thursday for some Adelaide time. Gotta love breakfast pizza!!

Then we ventured to the Belgian Beer Cafe (Oostender) for some Leffe,

before retiring to the Seacliff Pub, my home away from home away from home.

Shadows from the Seacliff Pub.

The next day saw more hot weather so we went for a swim at Glenelg,

then consumed much Sangria and Margarita with dinner as the sun set at Gringos Mexican Cantina. Oh, and the food was great too!!

And my final sunset with Rach at O'Sullivans Beach.

Until my next holiday I'll be the one staring at my computer from behind my desk, dreaming of days like those just gone.