Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wet weather and the Retard.

It's been a bit of a shock returning to normality after having such a good time over Christmas. The weather here is tremendously humid and wet, but surprisingly nice when the wind is rushing past on a bike. So I've been spending lots of time just cruising around rather than being in the house, increasing my carbon footprint by using the air conditioners.

The tropical cloud formations are awesome though.

And the Premier Cycles bike has been officially named 'Retard'. Long story, but in short a certain forum I frequent is full of non-fixie-believers and after posting a pic of my latest conquest the question was raised as to how I 'retard' the speed (read: where are the brakes?). Other forum members replied that there was plenty of retardation, some of it sitting on the bike. So the name has stuck, literally. And who in their right mind would steal a bike with no gears, brakes or pedals (to speak of) that has pink wheels and 'Retard' emblazoned on it's side? My Kriptonite Evolution is less of a deterrent than that I think.

Oh, and I tried some fixie cyclocross at the marina construction site. Not overly successful, skid stopping on mud with 28mm slicks isn't really skid stopping, it's more like just plain sliding. Damn good fun though.