Sunday, April 6, 2008

Goodbye Old Friend.

I never like getting rid of bikes, but this one is extra heart breaking. She's been everywhere with me, ridden trails all over Australia and lived the life of at least five different bikes.

Sadly, she has to go, but luckily she's going to my brother. So at least I'll still have visiting rights and he may even let me take her out once in a while when I'm in town.

She's half old half new; with her wheels coming from the old Kona commuter, King headset remaining fixed, light weight Stylo cranks from the garage and the BB7 brakes from the Slingshot. She sports a new bottom bracket (downhill spec for singlespeed grinding), new bars and stem with the most awesome chocolate coloured grips (they actually came packaged in faux chocolate wrapping paper!!), 21t Surly rear cog, Surly Tuggnut (with integrated bottle opener) to keep the rear wheel aligned and the rider beered up, and mixture of Kenda Klaw and Karma front and rear tyres.

There's nothing like a Sunday afternoon in the workshop to finish off a weekend of riding.