Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Sounds like something someone would yell at you when they catch you doing something......untoward. But no, Rasterbator is a really cool program that rasterises (cartoonerises) any image you enter and then prints it onto as many pieces of paper as you like, leaving you to piece together a masterpiece.

I chose a picture of Rach from one of my March blog entries. It came out as 32 pages of A4 paper. I got home today and tacked it to the wall to see what is was like.

It is AWESOME!! The photographs do no justice at all. In the right setting and done in a more permanent fashion this could really set a room off.

Oh, and that's my new (100 year old) teak cabinet, I love it, so much character and history in all the dents and scratches.

And the token cycling shot.