Monday, April 7, 2008


I got home from work today and there was a slip in the mail for a parcel. So I put my Rapha jersey on, grabbed my Chrome bag and jumped on my fixie to head to the post office.

I picked up my new favourite piece if cycling garb. Then it hit me, I am the biggest poser I know. If I came across this website and saw this article alone, I would immediately label the blogger as being a poser! Then, as I rode home I gradually qualified my need for all of these beautiful things; my Rapha jerseys are the highest quality, most comfortable and stylish jerseys I have ever worn. My Chrome bag has been designed the way it has by couriers who carry shit on their bikes, just like I do instead of driving my car. The fixie is my favourite bike for it's purpose; simple, maintenance free, fun and a theft deterrent. I gradually talked myself out of the fact that I may be the biggest poser out there, then I took these photos and realised that it was all true.......

If that's not a pose I don't know what is.

And I ride Campagnolo, that's euro, you must be impressed.

I just added this photo to impress you with the artistic calibre of advertising I react to (yes that is two girls kissing).

So it's true, but posing aside, aren't these just the coolest gloves? Goat skin, Love/hate logos, old school white, what more can I say?

Although they are really hard to type in........

Edit April 13:

There was some concern that these gloves would suck, after I received a comment from a well respected bike connoisseur, not dissimilar to myself on the bike fashion front, singletracking. But fear not.

I have now worn these gloves for almost a week, and even though Woodie from Knog said that they would take a few rides to wear in, they didn't. They were virtually perfect as I wore them home from the post office after picking them up.

I spent 143km* testing them yesterday alone, and they are the most comfortable gloves I have ever worn. They feel the way I would imagine it would feel to rest the palms of your hands on Scarlett Johansson's lips for five hours.

Personally I have experienced no bunching or restrictions and the goat skin feels great, even when it gets a bit sweaty on the bike. Might it be the humidity up here that has aided in the wearing in process? Possibly.

The verdict - 10/10 so far. A big call, but I love everything about these things.

I'm really getting into these new and technologically advanced materials (wool, leather, steel) I might try the Trojan diet, whole grains only, yum-yum.

*And the 143km. I raced in the North Queensland Games. The first half of the race was great, the last 40km by myself into a head wind, not so great. The bunch virtually disintegrated and I decided not to stick with any bunch as I prefer my own pace (call me a true mountain-biker). I assume I started the ride dehydrated as made it up the mountain with the front bunch fine, then started to feel it, by the time I finished the race I was parched. Two and a half litres of water post race and I still didn't piss for two hours!!!